Authoring Notebooks from RStudio

The RStudio environment provides a rich IDE, not dissimilar to JupyterLab, that works on a cross-platform application basis as well as via a browser.

As with notebooks, users can auhtor markdown and code in the same document, execute code and preview code cell outputs:

Whilst RStudio cannot open Jupyter notebooks directly, nor connect directly to a Jupyter kernel, it does allow you to edit structured code-’n’text Rmd documents; Jupyter .ipynb documents can be converted to Rmd using jupytext, so a route does in principle exist for editing converted notebooks in RStudio and then converting them back to .ipynb.

Whilst RStudio can execute code cells (or code chunks as they are referred to in RStudio), including Pyhton code, and render the code outputs below the cell/chunk, code outputs are not saved to Rmd.

As far as editing markdown goes, users can author raw markdown in RStudio, or use a rich WYSIYWG editor which saves to raw markdown directly (rather than HTML, for example).

Spell checking throughout a document is also supported: