Authoring Notebooks in VS Code

Jupyter notebook .ipynb documents can be opened and edited directly in the VS Code editor. The full range of VSCode debugging features can be deployed against the code contained in the notebook code cells.

Notebooks in the VS Code editor can be run against remote connected Jupyter kernels. Another VS Code extension provides support for live collaboration (Live Share).

Jupyter notebook .ipynb documents can also be opened and executed in PyCharm and Atom editors, although arguably the VS Code extension is the most developed.

One interesting VS Code extension, Markdown Preview Enhanced, extends the VSCode native markdown editor to allow for particular code fenced blocks to encode simple text scripts for various diagram generators such as flowchart.js and mermaid.js.

Exporters will then render the styled markdown and generated diagram to HTML or docx documents for example.

It would be interesting to consider the extent to which this format could be parsed by or converted into a form that Jupytext could render such markup into a fotmat that can be opened in a notebook UI, or converted to .ipynb marked up in such a way that the diagrams could be generated by notebook extensions.

The Markdown Preview Enhanced functionality does not currently extend to the VS Code Jupyter notebook markdown parser